The Animal Control Department concentrates its efforts on reducing nuisances and dangers associated with stray animals, health-related hazards of animals, and insuring proper care of pets. These efforts focus on education programs, training of personnel, patrolling the City, and responding to concerned citizens. Animal Control Department personnel are subject to extensive professional training and college level courses on animals and animal care, investigations, management, public relations and criminal justice.

Animal Control provides the following services:

  • Impoundment of stray or unwanted animals
  • Public education and awareness programs
  • Enforcement of City ordinances and state laws pertaining to animals
  • Capture and relocation of wild animals
  • General patrol and enforcement
  • After hours emergency services
  • Quarantine facility
  • Removal and pickup of deceased animals
  • Provide aid to sick or injured animals
  • Assist with adoption of pets
  • Investigation of cruelty and welfare cases
  • Respond to citizen complaints
  • Investigation of animal bites/attacks
  • Water rescue